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Live with No Excuses and Travel with No Regrets

Hello & Welcome To My Blog. I am a full-time traveler and a digital marketer. Read my blogs and experience the beauty of the world with my eyes.


Live Your Dream, Not Quit Your Dream

Hello everyone, my name is Deepak Kumar Singh, and welcome to my blog! First of all a big big thanks to all of you for coming to my website. All of you who come to this website are curious to know about me. I am an Indian native and resident. I am a very simple person who just loves to travel and want to explore different places in the world. I liked to travel so much that I quit my training in Civil Engg two times the first one in 2017 and the second one in 2019. It may sound absurd, but through the wonders of the internet, I had learned how I can travel the world by creating a sustainable job in traveling. I am a person who was always very fond of traveling and always wanted to do something adventurous in my life. I always explore new cultures, traditions, food, and all the good things that someone can learn outside of the comfort of our homes. I want to experience all of the things that mother earth has and then share it with You guys.

Recent Blogs

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